BM60 Rotary Draw Bending Machine

    The BM60 pipe bender is the only non-mandrel pipe bender that allows for both left and right bending with particular tools we manufacture.
    Another feature that makes the BM60 pipe bender unique is the connection that allows coupling the tapered internal/external pipe deburring tool.
    Its innovative design allows you to bend pipes with a diameter up to 60 mm for a 4 mm thickness with a 3xOD minimum radius and a 370 mm maximum radius. All this ensures high repeatability for even the most demanding markets.
    The bending axis is inverter controlled; therefore, the rotational speed ranges between 1.0 revs/min and 2.0 revs/min. This is also possible thanks to the potentiometer installed, which allows the operator to choose the rotational speed that best suits the pipe to be bended.
    The cantilever head allows the creation of complex figures, which require the pipe to pass under the head.
    The special shaft system allows the machine to be interfaced with the tools of competition machinery currently available on the market. The inverter controlled motor minimises power consumption.
    Mackma uses high quality Italian-made components, which ensure long durability (2-year MACKMA warranty).

    Pipe Max Outer Diameter64mm
    Max Torque8000N/m
    Capability with FE – 42 daN/mq60×4mm
    Capability with FE – 35 daN/mq64×5mm
    Capability with AISI 304/316 – 65 daN/mq64×3mm
    Maximum radius370mm
    Max curvature angle180°
    Bending directionrightwardand leftward
    Electric tension380V
    Max installed power1,5KW
    Dimensions (WxhxL)940x1100x620mm
    Operating temperatureda 0 a 50°



    Diameter/Thickness (Max)

    60 mm x 4 mm

    Suitable for the following sectors

    • Industrial technical articles
    • Furniture
    • Automotive
    • Motorcycle and boating
    • Sport and wellness items
    • Piping


    Mackma Guaranteed 4 Years!

    All Mackma products are guaranteed for 2 years, but you can request a GOLD warranty extension for another 2 years!